Pregnancy Wellness

A pregnant woman in a calm lagoon watching a  sunset. Nashville, Mama Moon, prenatal wellness

Indulge in well deserved pregnancy wellness activities that will nurture your pregnant soul and body. 

The Benefits will be countless!

A pregnant woman is swimming on her back. The sun is setting. Nashville, Mama Moon, AquaRelaxation


Aqua Relaxation is done in a warm water pool and is best appreciated toward the end of your pregnancy.

During a session you will lay down on a special mattress, listen to a very unique guided meditation, and let yourself glide and float through the pool.

1 Session: $45 

Belly of a pregnant woman swimming on her back.  Nashville, Mama Moon, Aquanatal, Prenatal wellness


AquaNatal is an 8 weeks course that you will share with 5 other women. It is done in an indoor, warm water pool and is best appreciated toward the end of your pregnancy.

It's a mix of gentle Aqua Aerobics and birth preparation. We will work on strengthening  your muscles, especially your pelvic floor, and on breathing, pushing, and relaxation. Since I am also a doula, I will provide educational information and answer any questions on birth and the postpartum period.

1 Session: $35/each - 8 sessions: $230

A woman meditating in front of a bright sunset. Nashville, Mama Moon, relaxation, Prenatal wellness

Body Treatment

 Take a moment for yourself to bond with baby, relax and hydrate your skin.

During a session you will lay on a comfortable mat under a cozy blanket. You will listen to a very specific guided meditation that will walk you through your birth while we envelop your whole body in organic, warm oil.

Relaxation guaranteed!

 1 Hour: $49

 Water is the best environment during pregnancy. 

It gives a sense of weightlessness and allows free movement and new positioning.